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    apintra‘s distinguishing features are innovative and high-performing software solutions for industry, retail and service providers, Every solution is carefully customized to the individual country-specific requirements. apintra provides complex services ranging from Finance and Accounting and Material Management to the Production process. The multiple areas of application are not the only asset since apintra combines various technological advantages versus the solutions of market competition.


    About us.

    apintra offers reliable, powerful and flexible products for reasonable prices. Especially start-ups may benefit since the failure of an ERP project can easily have mission-critical consequences. Our custom-designed software solutions with short project lead times and low overall costs are extremely important especially in this sector. We are able to create individual and demand-based solutions from our existing editions and single solutions for any type and size of enterprise. You are also able to benefit from our customer-oriented and fair trade, reliable on-site-service conducted by our qualified partners, a convenient call-back-service, consciously avoiding the expensive 0900-added-value service numbers and many other advantages. See for yourself how apintra solutions can help optimize any business process that is critical for your success.

    Corporate Philosophy.

    Global specialists for information technology have joined forces with investors and founded apintra Inc. as a public trading company in 2007.
    Simply apintra.

    The continuously developed apintra-technologies are the core elements of our apintra-products.

    Our products

    Finance and accounting

    The finance and accounting modules feature an efficient reporting system in line with according international standards

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    Controlling / cost accounting

    apintra‘s unique controlling module consists of two parallel cost accounting systems – marginal cost and full-cost accounting

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    Material management / Retail

    Comprehensive material management provides for optimal integration possibilities in production-oriented companies

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    Bill of materials / Production

    Recursive bill of materials and production processor including extensive variant logic, network analysis, Business Data Capture and Personnel Time Tracking

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    Supplier management

    Optimized materials management order and stock management / multi-stock management for industry and retail

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    Business intelligence

    Extensive reporting tool with BI components - available versions as Business Graphic, streaming PDF or as Excel format

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    Pioneering technology combined with a user-friendly guidance

    Our technology

    Programs and user guidance are consistently designed so that the initialization process is as smooth as possible for you. Our current and trendsetting technologies are carefully aligned, so that our users are always the focus of our applications.

    Inhouse or cloud

    apintra product solutions are available as in-house versions or as CLOUD editions [SaaS / EaaS]

    Relational Databases

    Relational Database System Support (IBM INFORMIX [preferred], ORACLE, mySQL)

    Security standards

    Transaction processing, replications and table-related encryptions are features of the enclosed security standards

    Plausibility checks

    Input error protection via plausibility checks and immediate logical data entry checks

    Mobile support

    Full support (HTML5) of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android). SQLITE with on- / offline synchronization


    Accessible for every language via XML

    High performance

    Even with more than 5 million data sets only less than one second access time

    Open interfaces

    Output as PDF-Streaming, handover to Office applications, data exchange via EDIFACT and XML